Benefits Of Having A Job

Benefits Of Having A Job: “I hate my job” is a common phrase that you must have heard from many people. They will tell you that they literally hate their jobs and would do anything to find some way to get out of it. While it’s true that the pressure of job can be really frustrating and not everyone can handle it, but, this is also a fact that people often neglect the benifits of having a job when they are frustrated.

For someone who is frustrated with his or her job will naturally be blinded with all the pain that’s coming with it, and may not see the benifits of having a job. Frustration is not the only cause why people look to quite their jobs. Big dreams of owning a multi Bellion dollar business is also one of the biggest reason that motivates people opt out of the stable 9 to 5 job routine.

If you are planning to quite your job, then take a deep breath and think of all the challenges that you may have to face afterwards.

Benefits Of Having A Job

There can be multiple reasons for you to quite your job or not even look for job at all at first place, but the same is true to stay in a job or to start looking for one. Here in this article we will see multiple benefits of having a job. Let’s look at them one by one.

# Steady income source

This is probably the only reason which is keeping people in their jobs. Money is just a piece of paper, but life is better when this piece of paper is in your pocket. The surety of constant and steady income is such a relieve. You know that no matter how much pain you have to endure in your job, but at the end of the month you know all your hard work will surely pay off.

Having a fixed income is a big leverage, you can plan your spending and savings accordingly. It forces you to plan ahead financially and teaches you to spend carefully and wisely. Think about it, if you do not have a job then you are on your own. Somedays will be bright, but there will also be times when things will be really tough, at that point you will realize the importance of steady income source and benifits of having a job.

# Less worries

Believe it or not doing a particular job is way more relaxing than having to worry about lot of things. When you are in a job, you are only responsible for things that you know how to do. You do not have to worry about the future of company. When you start a business then you work is not limited to just 1 or 2 areas, you have to think about present and future simultaneously.

Works is always in your mind, no matter where you are, what you are doing, some part of your brain is always worried about the business. While in a job, work occupies your mind only during working hours. Once you get out of your working area, then you can enjoy your life without any worries (related to your work).

# More free time

It may sound absurd, but you have more time when you are in job than when you are an entrepreneur. In a job there are fixed working hours which means that once those hours are complete then you are free to do whatever your like.

When you are working for yourself then there is no limit on working hours, you may have to work 10 to 12 hours every day, and the bad part is that it is not sure that this much of hard work will pay off, and this can be really depressing and heart breaking. So, one of the biggest benefits of having a job is having free time.

Benefits Of Having A Job – Types Of Job

It is not necessary to go for a full time job, if you need then you can go for half time or part time jobs. Both these categories have their own perks and cons. Based on which suits your needs best choose the type of job. Let’s take a look at pros and cones of both these jobs.

# Benefits of having a full time job

  1. More salary: The paycheck in a full time job is way more than you will receive in part time job.
  2. Better skill development: In a full time job you are engaged in your work for 8 hours which helps in growing professional skills faster and more effectively.
  3. Better chances of Promotion: A carrier without promotion is a misery to professional and even personal life of a person. In a full time job you have great chances of promotion than part time job.

# Benefits of part time job

  1. More free time: The biggest advantage of par time job is that you have to work half as much time as you would in full time job. This means that you will have more time to other stuff.
  2. Master other skills: Once you have time in your hand then you can invest it to learn something new that would help you to grow  professionally.

The list of benefits of having a job can go on and on, but it does not mean that you should not follow your dream. A job can give you financial stability , but if your heart is somewhere else then no matter how hard you try, you will always be unhappy with it.

The main reason why some many people are unhappy with their jobs is because they do not like the work they are doing, so once you start enjoying your work then automatically you start loving your job as well. Other reason why people hate their job is the politics, yes! it’s true that many people start hating their jobs because of the office politics.

If this is the reason why you are willing to quite your job then it may not be a very good idea to quite. If possible then try to take whatever issue it is to some higher authority to solve it, but make sure you are true to your work i.e do your job honestly. If this is not an option then consider switching instead of rejecting the whole idea of job.

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