Birthday Wishes for Father in Marathi – Latest SMS for Whatsapp Facebook

Birthday Wishes for Father in Marathi – Latest SMS for Whatsapp Facebook: Birthday is a very important day in any person’s life, this is the only day when you feel like this is your day and the happiness doubles when your loved ones wish you on this day. So, this year on your Father’s birthday don’t forget to wish him and tell them how grateful you are to have him as a father. This article will provide you a lot of birthday wishes for father in marathi and you can use these wishes to text your father or update your status on whatsapp or facebook with your pictures together with your father.

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Everyone’s father plays a very important role in their children’s life and they deserve our best wishes on their special days such as their birthday and father’s day. All of our parents are always excited about gadgets and you might have seen them surfing around in several apps and messengers, and using messages from this article you can text your father happy birthday in marathi. These birthday wishes would mean a lot to your parents and would make them feel very happy and that’s what all we need for our parents, don’t we?

Birthday Wishes for Father in Marathi – Latest SMS for Whatsapp Facebook

Whenever a relation between a child and a parent is mentioned, mothers are always thought of as epitome of parenting and the efforts and hardwork of father is often forgotten. A father never shows much but they do have a lot of sentiments for their children and their way of showing their love is a little different as compared to mothers. By using these birthday wishes in marathi for father you can show your love and affection to your father on his day and celebrate the day together. So use the wishes given here and be the first one to wish your father on his birthday, both personally and digitally.

Birthday Wishes for Father in Marathi

Wish your father on his birthday through the below given marathi birthday wishes for your father and celebrate the day in excitement and make memories. Whether you are a daughter, a son or a wife you can wish the head of your family on his birthday in a much better way that he will probably appreciate and love for the rest of his life. You can surprise your father with a nice cake and birthday party too and plan out the whole birthday eve for you and your family specially. Let us check out some birthday wishes father marathi given below:

  • चट्का बसला, ठेच लगली,
    फटका बसला तर
    “आई ग…!”
    हा शब्द बाहेर पडतो,
    रस्ता पार करतांना एखादा ट्रक जवळ
    येऊन ब्रेक दाबतो तेव्हा
    “बाप रे!”
    हाच शब्द बाहेर पडतो.
    छोट्या संकटासठी आई चालते पण मोठ्मोठी वादळ
    पेलताना बापच आठवतो.
  • “बाप बाप असतो…
    तो काही शाप नसतो….तो आतून कँनव्हास असतो…
    मुलासाठी राब-राब राबतो…
    बुडणार्या सुर्याकडे उगाच पाहत बसतो.
    पायाच्या नखानी माती उकरत असतो.
    शेवटी सर्वानीच साथ सोडली असते.
    पाखरं घर सोडून दुर निघुन गेलेली असतात.
    बाप मात्र आपल्या पाखराची वाट पाहतो.
  • तुमचे प्रेम असेच माझ्यावर राहू दे,
    आपल्या प्रेमाचे नाते असेच कायम फुलु दे..
    तुमच्यामुळे मला अनेक नाती लाभली,
    आई बाबा बहिणीची माया मला तुमच्यात दिसली..
    तुम्ही होते म्हणून हे घर माझे आपले झाले,
    माझ्यातला चांगल्या गुणांचे तुम्ही कौतुक केले..
    तुमची अर्धांगिनी होण्याचा अभिमान आहे..
    असेच प्रेम जन्मभर राहो हेच तुम्हास मागणे आहे,
    तुम्ही नेहमीच मला समजून घेतले..
    वाढदिवसाच्या तुम्हाला खूप खूप शुभेच्छा !
  • Aajcha divas ekdum khaas aahe
    Manaat navya varshacha dhyaas aahe
    Vadhdivsachya tumhala anek shubheccha
    Asech aanandi raha, hich sadiccha.

These were all the birthday wishes in marathi that we could find, if you have some suggestions and other better marathi wishes and want to share them with us and get them posted here. Then please comment below and let us know, we will surely post some of your own birthday wishes and statuses here.

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