Best Book For Indian Navy Preparation – Download PDF

Best Book For Indian Navy Preparation – Download PDF: Indian Navy is one of the three armed forces of India and each force has its own importance and responsibility towards the nation. If you are planning to join Indian Navy and have dreams to wear the honorable white uniform, then you must be prepared yourself for that level and to fulfill your dream, you should the which is the best book and guide for your Indian Navy examination 2018. Here in this article, we are providing the information on Best Book For Indian Navy Preparation – Download PDF. So with these best book options, gear up your preparation, get selected, be the part of Indian Navy and contribute your part to the country.

Best Book For Indian Navy Preparation – Download PDF

Indian Navy (भारतीयनौ सेना) is the naval branch of Indian Armed Forces, which has the responsibility to operate and manage the defense of marine territory of the nation. The safety and protection of the country is within the hands of Indian Navy and the force has always proved itself for their work.

The motto of Navy armed force is May the Lord of the Water be auspicious unto us (शं नो वरुणः). The force of Indian Navy not only maintain the peace and protection over the surface of the water but also, operate under the surface pf the water and over the aerial space that is considered basically for the rescue mission and other operation in terms of national theft.

The establishment of Navy was done in the era of 1600 and the role of Navy was to protect the British merchant shipping in the region. After becoming the republic country in 1950, the Royal Indian Navy (named since 1934) was renamed to Indian Navy.

The Supreme Commander of Indian Navy force title held by the president of Indian Constitution and assist by four star Chief of Naval Staffs, known as the Air Chief Marshal who are responsible for managing and commanding the entire force of the specific post, unit or region to carry on the daily task and operational mission of Navy force.

The primary objective of Indian Navy is to safeguard the maritime borders of nation and support other armed forces in any bad condition in the country like terrorist attack, natural disasters, crime, etc. The Indian Navy has many modern ships, tanks, aircraft carrier, ballistic missile submarine and many defense materials for nation’s safety. Every year, Indian Navy released a large number of vacancies for hiring the eligible candidates for their force. Here are the full details of Best Book For Indian Navy Preparation – Download PDF, read it and crack the entrance exam of Navy.

Best Book For Indian Navy Preparation

Indian Navy recruits capable and eligible new cadets into the force for various trade and ranks. The recruitment for general entry level are done through Senior Secondary Recruit (SSR), Artificer Apprentice (AA), Metric Recruit (MR), Non-Metric Recruit (NMR) according to the eligibility of the cadets. There are different eligibility and qualification criteria to get an entry in a different trade. The Indian Navy Sailors are selected into three categories, have a look:

Class 8th or MoreRecruited under Non-Matrix Recruits (NMR) Exam.

Class 10 or equivalentRecruited under matrix recruits (MR) Exam.

Class 12th or equivalentRecruited via Senior Secondary Recruits (SSR) Exam or Artificer Apprentice (AA) Exam.

Getting a job in Indian Navy is not an easy task, many candidates are struggling for naval jobs. If you are also one of them, then you must choose the best book for Indian Navy examination 2018, so that you could do your preparations in a better way. In this article, we are providing the best books for Indian Navy Exam Preparation 2022, take a look:

Best Book for Senior Secondary Recruits (SSR) Exam

Best Book For Indian Navy Preparation - Download PDF

Indian Navy Sailors – Senior Secondary Recruits (SSR)The book is specially designed for the candidates who are preparing for Sailor Recruit Exam. The publisher of this book is R. Gupta’s, it is the popular and master guide of SSR examination 2022.

The book has a good study material and solved test papers for the good practice of candidates. Questions in test papers are based on the latest pattern of Indian Navy Examination. The full and detailed explanation of every answers are available for better understanding of the candidates. You can purchase book from Amazon at very reasonable price.

Candidates can also look for other good books for Senior Secondary Recruits exam, here are the name:

  • Indian Navy Secondary School Recruitment Examination by Expert Compilations (Arihant Books).
  • Indian Navy Senior Secondary Recruits (SSR) Sailors Recruitment Test Latest Edition by Upkar Prakashan Books (Dr. Lal & Jain).

Best Book for Artificer Apprentice (AA) Exam

Best Book For Indian Navy Preparation - Download PDF

Indian Navy Artificer Apprentice Recruitment Exam: This is the best book for the candidates who are preparing for Artificer Apprentice (AA) exam. The book is best designed for the written examination conducted for the Indian Navy Sailors in AA.

The book contains ample number of questions with their solutions for the better practice of candidates. Also, there is a practice exercise section at the end of each chapter for clearing the concepts of each chapter.

The book is available online from Amazon at very cheap price.

So, candidates who are planning to for AA exam, then start your preparation from this book.

Best Book for Matrix Recruits (MR) and Non Matrix Recruits (NMR) Exam

The best book for Indian Navy Matrix Recruits (MR) and Non Matrix Recruits (NMR) exams are:

  • Indian Navy MR & NMR Exam (Hindi)
  • Indian Navy MR & NMR PAPER SET English Medium (Cooks & Stewards)
  • Indian Navy MR & NMR Recruitment Exam (Cooks, Stewards) English Medium

These books are easily available online or you can purchase it from Amazon at very less price. The publisher of these book is Shri Krishnan Publishers Pvt. Ltd. and the author is Ram Singh Yadav and Yajvender Yadav.

The book is available at both hindi and english medium. From these books, you can prepare for MR and NMR examination chapter wise and there is a lot of questions for practice.

So, purchase the combo of these three books and start your preparation as soon as possible.

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