Most Hunted places in Dehradun

Some people are scared of heights, some people are scared of animals, some people are scared of water, but the majority of human population is scared of ghosts, spirits. While it may be the mater of fear to some, there are people who like to explore hunted places. If you are one of these kind, then you will love this list of most hunted places in Dehradun.

Most Hunted places in Dehradun

Before you proceed to see the list of the most hunted places in Dehradun, let me warn you they are called haunted for some reason, and you are planning to visit one of these places then you should go prepared and with brave heart.

Lambi Dehar Mines

This is the most hunted place of the city. It is believed that in late 90’s the work of tunnel drill was being conducted in which almost 50,000 people were working. The mountain that they were drilling had toxin and without proper facilities the workers started falling ill and to die one by one. None of the worker working there survived and it is said that their spirits still occupy that place.

Pari Tibba

Once a couple went to this place to spend some time together, and never came back. Now their spirits roam there. You will often see lightening falling on this place due to some natural reason. The couples were unlucky to be the victim of a lightening. Locals advise every visitors not to go to this place, specially after dark.

Savoy Hotel

This hotel was one of prestigious hotels in it’s prime time. Big names like former prime mister of Indian late Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru visited this place. But one incident changed everything for this hotel. Madam Frances Garnett-Orme who was murdered by giving poison always roam the rooms of hotel to search for her murderer. All short of paranormal activities can be noticed here in this hotel.


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