Rank Wise Indian Navy Salary 2022 – Salary Chart, Grade Pay For Officer, Sailor

Officers Salary Sailors Salary

Rank Wise Indian Navy Salary – Salary Chart, Grade Pay For Officer, Sailor – Indian navy is the naval branch of the Indian Armed Forces and the president of India is the supreme commander of Indian navy. Indian navy is always interesting field for youngsters. Every year Indian navy releases the notification for thousands of recruitment and lakhs of candidates apply for the recruitment and few candidates will select in Indian navy. Here in this article i am going to talk about Rank wise Indian navy salary, Indian navy salary chart, Indian navy grade pay for officer, Indian navy grade pay for sailor.

Rank Wise Indian Navy Salary 2022 – Salary Chart, Grade Pay For Officer, Sailor

Have you every thought how much navy a sailor earns, it is very important for all those candidates who wanna join Indian navy, who want to work for Indian navy. If you want to join Indian navy then first have a look indian navy salary package then put your decision, firstly we talk about Indian navy officers salary and allowance, so lets have a look on Indian navy salary package.

Indian Navy Officers Salary Packages

Rank Pay Band / Scale GRADE PAY Military Pay Service
Admiral/ Equivalent 90000 NIL NIL
Captain PB-4/37400-67000 8700 6000
Commander PB-4/37400-67000 8000 6000
Commodore PB-4/37400-67000 8900 6000
Lieutenant PB-3/15600-39100 6100 6000
Lieutenant Commander PB-3/15600-39100 6600 6000
Rear Admiral PB-4/37400-67000 10000 NIL
Sub Lieutenant PB-3/15600-39100 5400 6000
VCNS/ C-IN-C/ Equivalent APEX/80000 NIL NIL
Vice Admiral HAG SCALE/67000-79000 NIL NIL
Vice Admiral and Equivalent HAG+SCALE/75500-80000 NIL NIL

Allowances in Indian Navy officers

Allowance To Whom Granted Rate Per Month (On Basis Of Rank)
Diving Ships/Clearance Divers 600/ 1200
Flying Qualified Aircrew 13500-21000
Hard Area Officers Posted In Nicobar and
Lakshadeep Group Of Islands
25% Of Pay In Pay Band+Gp+Msp
House Rent Married Officers Not In Possession Of Govt.
10%-30% Of Pay In Pay Band+Gp+Msp+Npa
(BASED On Classification Of Cities)
Instructional Deputed As Instructor At Training Establishments/
Institutes Listed In Govt. Letter
Marcos Qualified As Marcos 13500-21000
Sea Going All Officers Serving On board Ships
Submarine Qualified Submariner 13500-21000
Technical Tier I Course Qualified/
Tier Ii Course Qualified
3000/ 4500
Transport Officers Commuting On Their
Own Arrangement
Uniform All Officers 24000 (Initial) &
7500 (Every 3 Yrs)

Indian Navy Sailors Salary Packages

Rank Pay Band Pay In Pay Band (Rs.) Grade Pay (Rs.) MSP (Rs.) ‘X’ Group Pay (Rs.)
Apprentice PB-1 5200 – 20200 2000 2000 1400
Artificer V PB-1 5200 – 20200 2400 2000 1400
Artificer IV PB-1 5200 – 20200 2800 2000 1400
Art III – I PB-2 9300-34800 3400 2000 1400
Chief/Art PB-2 9300-34800 4200 2000 1400
MCPO II PB-2 9300-34800 4600 2000 1400
MCPO I PB-2 9300-34800 4800 2000 1400

Rank wise pay scale of ‘Y’ Group (SSR/MR/NMR)

Rank Pay Band Pay In Pay Band  (Rs.) Grade Pay  (Rs.) MSP (Rs.)
Seaman II PB-1 5200 – 20200 2000 2000
Seaman I PB-1 5200 – 20200 2400 2000
Leading Seaman PB-1 5200 – 20200 2800 2000
Petty Officer PB-1 5200 – 20200 2800 2000
Chief Petty Officer PB-2 9300-34800 4200 2000
MCPO II PB-2 9300-34800 4600 2000
MCPO I PB-2 9300-34800 4800 2000

Allowance for Indian Navy Sailors

Allowance To Whom Granted Rate Per Month (On The Basis Of Rank)
Instructional Deputed as Instructor at Training
Establishments/ institutes listed in Govt. letter
Submarine Qualified Submariner 10500-12600
Flying Qualified Aircrew 10500-12600
Marine Commando Qualified as MARCO 10500-12600
Diving Ships Diver, Clearance Diver I, II & III 600-900
Sea Duty Sailors serving onboard ships (Sailing Only) 3000-5400
Hard Area Sailors posted in Nicobar and Lakshadeep Group of Islands 25% of Pay in Pay Band+GP+MSP
CILQ Married sailors not alloted Govt. Married Accomodation 2400-8100 (On the basis of Classification of Cities & Rank)
Transport All Sailors (400-1600) + DA

The top post of indian navy is Admiral in officer rank. Indian navy has a very fair system of promotions, if you are hard worker, good skills and talented or sincerity then you get promotion rank wise. Intresting candidates can join as sub lieutenant after that you will get promotions & post are follows.

Officer Ranks

Sea Cadet > Midshipmen > Sub Lieutenant > Lieutenant > Lieutenant Commander > Commander > Captain > Commodore > Rear Admiral > Vice Admiral > Admiral

Sailors Rank

Sea II > Sea I > Leading Seaman > Petty Officer > Chief Petty Officer > Master Chief Petty Officer II > Master Chief Petty Officer I

Benefits to Join Indian Navy

  • Furnished Govt. Accommodation
  • Car/Housing Loan at subsidized rates
  • Free Medical Facilities for Self & dependents.
  • Group Insurance & Gratuity: Insurance cover of Rs. 75 lakhs (on contribution) and gratuity will be
  • granted to the officer as per the latest rules in force.
  • Canteen Facilities
  • Entitled Ration
  • Mess/Club/Sports Facilities
  • Sports & Adventure: The Navy provides facilities for various sports. In addition, one can also learn and participate in adventure sports, such as river rafting, mountaineering, hot air ballooning, hand gliding, wind surfing etc.
  • Leave Entitlements: Officers are entitled to 60 days annual and 20 days casual leave every year (subject to
  • service exigencies). Leave during training period will be as per the Training Policy in force. They are also
  • entitled 40% rail concession to any place and free travel (as per extant rules) for self and
  • dependents.
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