UP Board 12th Physics Sample Papers PDF 2022

Physics Syllabus

UP Board 12th Physics Sample Papers PDF 2022: Hello Everyone ! … A very warm welcome to all candidates who are reading this article and are going to give board examination this year. The Board of High School and Intermediate Education Uttar Pradesh is popularly known as UP Board, has announced the date sheets for class 12th students. Most of the students are done with their Physics syllabus and rest are still completing. Have you completed your Physics syllabus? Or, Are you still working on the syllabus? Anyway, whether your syllabus is completed or not but I know you are in search of Physics Sample Papers 2022. If, it is so? Then you are in the right place among various web pages on the internet. In this article, we are providing the Physics sample papers for your practice, which will help in better preparation for UP Board Physics Exam 2022.

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UP Board 12th Physics Sample Papers PDF 2022

UP Board, exactly from the year 1921, is conducting the examination for higher school & Intermediate students. The mission of UP Board is to plan, provide and develop education to a large scale area or to all section of the society, and most importantly at affordable price. Every year, Lakhs’ of students appeared for high school and intermediate standards, and this year i.e., it is estimated that 67 lakh students both from 10th & 12th class, are appearing for board exams. And out of which, 30 lakh students are from intermediate section, itself. That’s why, it has been declared Asia’s largest board, in respect to number of students.

The board issued the exam schedule one month back and as per the dates set for examination, the board is conducting 12th class exams from 6th of February onwards till 10th of March, based on their choice of papers. The first paper of Physics is going to be held on 15th February and the second paper is on 17th February. And the good thing is that both the papers are organized in evening shifts, so you are getting a more time to revise, to go through the topics in a while. Here in this article, we are sharing some tips on last moment preparation and how to manage your time and how to utilize your time efficiently and how to do well in your physics exam.

What Physics Is ?

Everyone is reading physics in their school, tuition and at home also, for revising the topic done in school or tuition. But, do you know the exact meaning of Physics? Do you know, why physics is one of your five important subjects? I think you must know, and when you get to know the meaning of this word, then you will study physics with no burden. You will start enjoying the topics and start relating things with your daily life. So, let’s know in short what is the physics and what is the need to study physics.

We know very well that, Physics is the branch of science in which we study about physical entities which we can observe around us and it is related to nature or we can say, ‘The Laws of Nature’. Physics is basically the study of matter, energy and their interconnection. It is a natural science fully based on mathematics analysis, experiments and measurements with an aim of innovation & development from the plants, solar systems, galaxies, and everything. That’s why it is very important to know our nature and develop new things with the help of natural resources.

Physics (भौतिक विज्ञान) Syllabus

Here is the syllabus of UP Board Physics 2022, which is set by the board authorities and also, which is going to come in the Physics examination 2022.

First Paper
Sr No. Title Marks
1. स्थिर विद्युत् की 08
2. धारा विद्युत् 07
3. धारा का चुम्बकीय प्रभाव तथा चुम् 08
4. वैधुत चुम्बकीय प्रेरण तथा प्रायवर्ती धारा 08
5. वैधुत चुम्बकीय तरंगे 04
Second Paper
Sr No. Title Marks
1. प्रकाशिकी 13
2. द्रव्य तथा द्वैत प्रकृति 04
3. परमाणु तथा नैभिक 06
4. इलक्ट्रोनिक युक्तियाँ 08
5. संचार व्यवस्था 04

Physics, which is well known as ‘भौतिक विज्ञान’. Physics subject comes with a total of 100 marks paper, which is distributed into three parts i.e. First paper which is of 35 marks, second paper which is also of 35 marks and the remaining 30 marks is for practical part. In the table mentioned above, holding the detail of both the papers (First & Second Paper), includes the detail of titles of different marks weight-age.

Last Moment Tips on Physics

Very few time is left in your hand and its only you, who decide whether to use it or waste it. Physics is the mixture of equations, laws, formulas and theory. Just as Mathematics is the important subject for your board examination, likewise Physics is also an important one and scoring good marks in this subject will also improve your percentage in your final mark-sheet, which is very useful in your career. But it is not easy to score well in Physics, it all needs your your full dedication towards your study and preparation.

Last moment preparation plays a very prime role in your preparation, which you are doing from the beginning. If you use these few days properly and manage your time efficiently, then definitely you will score your ideal marks, what you thought or set earlier. I know it is not easy to score more than 80 or 90 in the UP Board examination, but it is not impossible to score that much numbers. The first thing you need to do is ‘commitment’ and then implementing your commitment.

“Don’t think about tomorrow, Think about the task at hand”. You cannot predict the exact question paper of physics in the board exam, but you can practice for that level. You can practice from the UP Board Physics Sample Papers 2022, from our website. Sample papers are the best way to practice, apply your preparation and figure out the conclusion about how many questions are wrong and how much time you are taking while solving. So, in shortly it provides the overview of paper and gives an idea about how to attempt the paper and hence, it improves your confidence too.

Here are some last minute tips, which you should follow and also, share with your friends:

  1. Firstly, you need to look at your syllabus which we provided above and see what is remaining in that list.
  2. Complete all your remaining topics from your preferred book, also according to the weightage of marks.
  3. Download the sample papers from Gazabnews.com and start practicing as early as you can.
  4. But before that, make a separate list of all important things like the different laws and its derivation, important principles, formulas, all type of figures, etc.
  5. Solve sample papers because nothing beats practice. Your practice will take you to good marks and percentage. Practice is the only funda for all kind of success. So, you cannot compromise it with anything.
  6. The Physics paper is considered a lengthy one, therefore the solution is – try to finish your sample papers or practice papers in 2 and half hours instead of 3 hours so that you won’t face any time issue in your board exam.
  7. Instruct your mind to be calm and cool because being panic is not the solution, you have to be calm at that moment, so that you continue your exam with confidence not with nervousness.
  8. You can also use relaxation techniques like inhale and exhale breath & meditation.

I hope these tips will be helpful in your board exams and please, do share this piece of information with your classmates and friends.

All the very best for your board exams!

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