UP Board Class 12th Previous Years Papers – PCMBE Solved Sample Papers Papers


UP Board Class 12th Previous Years Papers – PCMBE (Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Hindi, English) Solved Sample PapersPrevious years papers is always beneficial to achieve good score in board examinations, when we talk about UP board, UP board is one of oldest education board of India. UP board was set up in the year 1921 and conducted it’s first board examination in 1923. Real time UP board is the largest education board of India and every year more than 65 lakhs students appear for UP board examination. This time many of people are searching UP board previous year solved papers for good preparation so here are UP Board Class 12th Previous Years Papers.

UP Board Class 12th Previous Year Papers/Sample Papers

All UP 12th board exam student from science stream are now can check here the previous year exam paper with solution. Here we have all science stream subject(Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Hindi, English) previous paper that will surely help you for board exam preparation. PCM are the main 3 subjects of the science stream in any board and UP board is considered as the toughest board in India. So if you are fearing from the UP Board exam than than have a look at these practice materials.

UP Board Maths Previous year papers

Maths is considered as the toughest subject in any board exam. Every year in UP thousands of the students failed to pass the 12th board exam because of law marks in Mathematics. So if you too are fearing from maths subject than please check these below given solved papers. It will help you to face the board exam with confidence.

Download Now – UP Board 12th Maths Sample Papers PDF 

UP Board Physics Previous year papers

Physics subject is the combination of theory + equations. Like Maths, you should have give time to the physics as well. Ignoring the physics can waste your 1 year. Download the given UP Board 12th physics paper and prepare best for physics too.

UP Board Biology Previous year papers

If you don’t have maths in 12th class and you have choose the biology instead of maths than you are seriously lucky. If you give a little bit time to biology daily, than it can increase your 12th percentage.

UP Board Chemistry Previous year papers

After the Physics and Maths, Chemistry is the only tough subject to prepare for. Give your important time to these 3 main subject and i am sure you will definitely score 75%+ marks in 12th board exam. For best chemistry preparation download these given papers.

UP Board English Previous year papers

Don’t considered English as easy. English paper comes length in board exams. So time management is most important for this subject. And 1 more tips write as much as you can. For readers English is a good scoring subject.

UP Board Hindi Previous year papers

I think you don’t need any tips for Hindi. 2 days are enough for the Hindi subject. Like English, hindi paper comes length. So you should take care of time while UP board 12th Hindi Exam.

Now i am going to provide you some board exam preparing tips, believe me these tips are really useful, read these Board exam preparing tips and achieve your goal.

UP 12th Board Exam Preparing Tips

  • Solve your Previous year Papers – Solving previous year papers is always beneficial for board examination. You can take help from sample papers. Purchase previous year paper or sample papers which are available at any bookstore at your city, hometown whenever. Sample paper gives a fair idea of the format of the question paper as it will appear in the examination.
  • Make a Perfect Schedule For Study – Make a proper time table for your study. Give equal time to each subject like give more than two hour to each subject and its very compulsory to achieve good marks in board examination. Make your notes with chapter-wise and always revise the whole syllabus. As we know that very well life is a challenge, and exam is a part of it, let’s take the challenge and make a strategy to tackle it with easy.
  • Study in the Group – Study in group is always good way to increase marks in the board examination, it enhances your knowledge so sit and study with your friends or your parents at the time of the examination. Through the group study your friends will share their notes on particular subject which may  help you to understand better and explain your answer with others. Make your group, select intelligent boys or girls  whose should benefit you in learning otherwise it wasting of time.
  • Think positive always –  Positive thinking is always key of success, in another word we can say a positive attitude is solution of many problems. Positive attitude build our knowledge and increase our self confidence level, positive attitude help us exam’s interviews and our personal life. Think of all the hard work you have done already or think of what you do know, so always think positive and study hard, nobody can stop you from getting good marks in board examinations.
  • Use Diagram And Practice Hard – Diagram is always beneficial for good marks in examination and diagram Help us for understand any questions. Use comfortable diagram with your answers. Diagrams creates visual memory in our mind, so exam time you can write answer with diagrams. We all know that practice make a man perfect, estimate 85% exam preparation is practice, practice hard and achieve your goal.

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