11+ Legal Streaming Sites To Watch Free Movies Online 2021

In your hectic schedule of life you never get the time to go to cinema halls to watch the movie of your favorite actor or actress, In your 8 hours job the only time which suits you is the night time, and what you do at night time? Surely you search the latest released movies online. And your very first step is to search tat movie on Youtube. If you are lucky enough then you get that movie in youtube but in majority cases you end up searching thousands of websites and gets nothing.

Now just think i you have name of the websites and you can just directly type in the name in your web browser and get the movies you want to download or stream online. How awesome your experience on the internet will become. You will end up watching the full movie and saving a lot time.

movie websites

To make it easier i have assembled the free legal Streaming Websites where you can watch free movies even you can download them. My list for free movies websites is not too big but i what ever the links or references i have given here are relevant and trustful, and i am very sure you will praise my work.

So lets get started with the list of free websites for movie download.

If you are very new to the world of internet then follow my bonus tips which are given at the end of the article you will find them very helpful.

Sites To Watch Free Movies Online 2021

1. PopcornFlix

This 6 year old website has a very huge collection of approx all kind of genres of the movies. Not only movies this website also keep a keen track on the TV serials or the mini web series. And all these services on this website is free of cost even you do not have create any account in this website.

Not only web this website is also available on Android And IOS apps But to use apps you have to create an account and off course there account is free of cost. And if you do not want to download the apps then those website is fully responsive which means mobile friendly you can take a good experience on mobile as well.

2. Openculture

The basic concept of Openculture is they provide free content online wether its a movie or a book, hence this website has a great collection of movies, audio books, e books and much more. And this website provide this content at free of cost.

The best part of this site is that you don’t have create any account. All happens for free, but this website is more oriented on international content, no doubt they have a huge collection. So if you like Hollywood movies then this website will do it for you.

3. Classic cinema online

Classic Cinema Online is great website cum app, this website comes with numerous sorting options from where you can pick a best matched movie and watch it online for free.

This website keeps classical movies in quantity so if you love to watch english classical movies then you must go for this website. Creating account on this website is absolutely free and even you can surf all the content here without any signup process. Apart from classical collection this site also keeps the epic scenes from different movies, i use it myself and enjoy it every time.

4. Snagfilms

Snagfilms has more than 10,000 movies collection which are absolutely free, site uses advanced search options via which accessing any movie becomes easy, Apart from this you can download movies directly without signing up this feature makes it more interesting. Android and IOS Apps has taken this site even more far. Android and IOS app provides free streaming of movies directly from the servers of Snagfilms which are obviously very fast.

This website also stores online shows and events and some of best tv serials.

5. MyDownloadTube

MyDownloadTube is most used website when we talk about watching movies online. Key features like, accessing content without signup, free download options, download complete web and tv series makes this website more beautiful to use.

Website claims more than 50,000 videos in different resolutions, also you can watch any video on this website in HD format with good streaming quality. And for slow internet connection users there is a download option.

6. TubiTV

This is one of awesome websites but in order to access its content you have create a free account there. TubiTV looks very cool in design, the UX and UI is just awesome that means accessing any movie is much easier as compared to other sites.

They provides there services for Android, Windows, IOS and Xbox. This is the perfect place on internet if love watching legal content. TubiTV will bring you a unique experience while watching movies online.

7. Housemovie.to

As you know ads are the most annoying thing which makes your mind heat up while searching for any online movie. Housemovie.to will do the same but in lesser amount, so you will feel safe and good from annoying ads. If we talk about the content of this website then the content is good and in great quantity, you can access all its content without signup.

The managers of this web portal keeps updating the latest movies so this site will never let you down.

8. fmovies.se

This portal is banned in many countries, so if you are unable to access the content of this website then most probably your countries is one of those countries.

fmovies has one of the great collection of movies, they do now provide any download feature instead of this they have software for pc and apps for mobile both Android and IOS.

If you really wanted to access the content then you can use some of proxy websites.

9. gomovies.to

This web portal of online movies has done a great job, in terms of quality and content. This website is so popular that some people has made a fake copy of this and selling the online movies. But you do not worry because this website provides absolutely free content. Some of features like download are premium but if you love online streaming then no worries at all.

This portal is most addicted as they provide the superb content. I wish you go to the content of this website and you will never feel bore. Some weak points are that the buffering speed is much slowed as compared to youtube so you need a bit higher speed internet connection to watch movies without buffering.

10. xmovies8.tv

The core feature of xmovies8 is to bring out the latest movies online at free of cost but apart from this they also brings the latest tv series and mini web series at free without any hassle.

No signup is needed, Also they always maintain there catalog of movies updated. So you never gets bore out of it.

11. YouTube

Yes i know this is very hard to find latest movies on youtube, but sometimes the luck works, sometimes movies got released on it via some guy, obviously he/she get banned a day after that but if you have good luck then you can watch that movie.

Also movies are posted on youtube usually with different names in order the prevent from copyright claims.

Whatever the site you visit, youtube gives you the best experience always.


  1. You can always type on google “INDEX OF: <Name Of Movie>”. by typing this keyword you will most probably end up by finding the movie at free of cost for download.
    This tricks works 60% of the time, just give it a try before you go for any website.
  2. Use proxy sites, those will give you more broder search results.

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